Is your pool kiosk summer ready?

Looking for some inspiration to get your pool kiosk summer ready and full of healthy treats for those hot days?

In 2019, the Winchelsea Swimming Pool kiosk successfully transformed their food and drinks as per the Healthy Choices guidelines - transitioning from 90% RED foods/drinks to all GREEN and AMBER.

How did they do it?

Working with HEAS, they identified three priorities and a list of actions to meet their goals.

Identifying priorities

Their priorities included:

  • stocking their kiosk with new, healthier food and drinks
  • sourcing suppliers to support their new menu
  • removing unhealthy promotional material

Taking action

The Winchelsea team took action for each of their priorities:

Priority one – stocking new, healthier food and drinks

  • The team developed a list of products (GREEN and AMBER) for their new menu using FoodChecker (our free menu assessment tool)

Priority two – sourcing suppliers

  • They contacted their suppliers and distributors to investigate options and availability of the desired food and drinks
  • See our resources to support you and your organisation when working with suppliers to meet the Healthy Choices guidelines

Priority three – removing unhealthy promo material

  • They ordered non-branded items, including a fridge, ice cream freezer and colourful market umbrellas
  • The team worked with a graphic designer to create the look and feel of the new kiosk including new branding
  • See our resources for ‘promoting healthier choices’ – we have lots of ideas for simple changes to showcase healthier food and drinks

Celebrating change

To support their hard work and promote the healthy changes they organised a “Summer Pool Party” and invited the community to celebrate the launch. Overall, the changes they made were a great success with healthy outcomes supporting the wellbeing of their community. You can read the full story via the case study on our website.

Free support

The example above is one way to make changes to your pool kiosk/s, however change looks a little different for every organisation or facility. We can work with your organisation to tailor a plan that works for you and supports your priorities. From menu assessments to product labelling, placement and pricing, we have lots of resources available to assist you in making changes – read more here!

So, is your kiosk summer ready? Give us a call for a free chat with a sport and rec healthy food and drinks specialist!