Pizza faces

Promoting healthy foods and drinks

In the canteen

Fun and descriptive words for healthy foods
Experiment with these fun, descriptive words to make healthy choices more appealing for your canteen menu!

Promotional ideas to boost canteen sales
Attract students to your canteen and boost sales of your healthier items with these tips.

Priced to sell
Top tips to tailor the prices of GREEN foods and drinks to promote sales.


Events and celebrations

Theme day ideas
Lots of theme ideas to provide new foods and drinks in the canteen, such as sports, health, food and cultural themes.

Days to celebrate in the canteen
Special events are a great way to provide a fun twist to your canteen’s usual offerings, using interesting names and fun presentation.

Healthy school celebration ideas
Fun and tasty ways to celebrate special occasions in your school - without the cakes and lollies.


School community

Newsletter insert ideas
Try these pre-written articles to get your whole school community on board with healthy eating.

Healthy food fundraising ideas
Simple suggestions for alternatives to chocolates drives and cake stalls.

Non-food fundraising ideas
Fun and creative activity ideas that will get the whole school talking!

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