Marlborough Primary School

When Marlborough Primary School council chose to focus on student health and wellbeing in early 2015, they thought "How could we not look at the canteen?"

They established a healthy eating sub-committee, and had strong support from the school principal, Shaun McClare. Shaun is a big believer in the benefits of healthy eating on students’ learning and development, and on their concentration and stamina in the classroom. 

The menu was reviewed online using FoodChecker, and they referred to our website and our free Infoline for ideas and ongoing support to remove the less healthy foods, and to introduce healthier options that would also sell well.

The canteen menu now meets the Victorian government School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy, as more than 50% of the items and in the Everyday (GREEN) category, there are no Occasionally (RED) items on the regular menu.

Marlborough Primary School says the key to their success has been engaging and communicating with the whole school community, such as surveying families, providing newsletter updates, and even asking the students to name the canteen - Marlborough Munch! 


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