YMCA Victoria

In 2015, YMCA Victoria began its three year process to implement its new Healthy Food and Beverage Policy in all kiosks, cafes and catering services in 70 aquatic and recreation centres across the state.

The Healthy Food and Beverage Policy aims to increase the availability of healthier foods and drinks, in line with the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices: policy guidelines for sport and recreation centres.

As part of this policy, YMCA initiated a ‘Soft Drink Free Summer’ campaign, which aimed to phase out regular soft drinks from all centres by December 2015.

The ‘Soft Drink Free Summer’ was evaluated by Deakin University, with funding from VicHealth, to assess the impact of the campaign, including the extent of implementation, change in customer drink purchases, and potential financial impact at nine YMCA Victoria centres.

The initiative was well-received by customers, and there was no change in overall beverage dollar sales.

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