Western District Health Service

Western District Health Service (WDHS) is a regional health service with approximately 850 staff across four sites. Their journey in implementing Healthy Choices has been driven by a focus on preventative health measures to support the overall health of their community.

They have achieved commendable change, demonstrating that a move to healthier food and removal of sugary drink options does not have to negatively affect the bottom line or customer satisfaction, instead delivering positive outcomes for the organisation and wider community.

In conjunction with WDHS, we have compiled this video case study series outlining their implementation journey.

Full case study video

Key topics:

Success starts with the CEO

Setting yourself up for success

Perceptions around choice

Surprising reactions from customers and staff

Impact on the bottom-line

FoodChecker is imperative

Food service staff are instrumental

Ensuring sustainability

Being a leader in your community


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