Healthy recipes for school canteens

We have a range of delicious recipes to support healthy eating in Victorian primary and secondary schools.

All recipes have been tested and classified as either Everyday or Select Carefully in line with the Victorian Government's School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy.

Have a healthy recipe to share? Contact the Healthy Eating Advisory Service.

Everyday (Green)

Hot foods

Easy cheesy ham and corn bread cups

Easy egg and ham slice

Fried rice

Hearty veggie soup

Mighty Valley deluxe chicken burger

Cold foods

Avocado smash bruschetta

Easy egg and ham slice

Mexican bowl

Zesty pesto pasta salad

Select Carefully (Amber)

Hot foods

Oodles of noodles



Banana raspberry muffins

Cocoabanana muffins

Fruity icy poles

Mini muesli muffins

Bliss balls



Looking for recipes for early childhood services or retail food outlets?

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